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Cancellation and Service Fees

Many of our clients have often asked "how much do we charge for our services".  Charging service fees protects agents’ knowledge base plus compensates them for time spent researching, recording and documenting their findings in a written format for your review and subsequent action.     


A&P Cruises and Tours administers the following fees for its services. 


Airline Tickets

Issue airline ticket

·       Domestic

·       International with multiple stops




Cancel or reissue a ticket


Research Fees

·       IF trip is NOT booked

·       IF trip IS booked


$35 per hour

50 percent of fee rebated to client

Coupons, award, frequent flyer tickets


Airline Itinerary issuance for passport or visa




Document Distribution

U. S. Regular Mail


Airborne/DHL International

Company Price


$30 and up


$30 and up

USPS Overnight Mail

$30 and up



Long Distance Phone/Fax         

$10.00 and up (depends on destination)


Special Services

Agency Processing fee for visa/passport

$35-$50 per visa/passport

Foreign Currency Drafts


Concierge service, e.g., theatre/sports tickets


$20 and up per event


Land/Cruise/Tour Arrangements                

$35.00 and up


Cruise/Tour Cancellation or Changes

$100 and up per booking


Car/Hotel Reservations



Itinerary Planning

$35 and up per trip


(Varies by complexity of trip and time required researching and organizing travel)


Late Booking Fee

(applies within 14 days of departure)


$25 and up